Swimming Pools & Teams

Make your work, work better.

We are passionate about simplifying your work by offering useful and easy-to-use digital services. From opening your team’s online store or an extra hand to answer all customer inquiries. From issuing tickets for your sporting events to promoting a weekend race. We offer lots of features to help you stay in touch with your customers, create new business opportunities, and better manage your pool or team.

Services that work as a big team.

We know that every pool, sports center or swim team is unique. That’s why we offer a range of flexible services to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a small team or a large sports company, we have a solution for you.


Your virtual assistant based on OpenAi’s artificial intelligence.


Start selling your official team and pool products online.


To easily manage your team, your athletes, and their families.


Promoting your events has never been easier.


Join the swimming world’s largest community for more visibility.


Specialize your sports center for swimmers and triathletes.

The power of a winning partnership.

We have helped several pools and teams achieve their goals and develop new business opportunities.

Our team is your team

ToSwim has a team ready to help you with your business: for example, in choosing the best tools based on your budget, learning about the options available for you, or getting information about growth options.

Our team works for you.

We guide you in choosing the services you need. And we also help you work with our services from the very beginning. Our team is ready to support you in increasing the visibility and projection of your pool or swim team.

Talk to our AiWa

We also use AiWa, our artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant from OpenAi. If you have a quick question or curiosity, you can ask AiWa and she will answer to the best of her ability.

AiWa is trained to know everything about ToSwim, as a member of the team.

Take the first step.

We are by your side to make everything run smoothly. With ToSwim you always have the help you need for your pool, sports center or swim team. From selecting the best service, to onboarding assistance.

Talk to our specialized ToSwim team to find the best solution for your needs.